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An Open Letter to Donald Prothero

Hey Don --

I want you should do me a favor. I noticed that you put up this real negative review of Steve Meyer's Signature in the Cell on Amazon. I want to tell you, I loved the stuff about the slow fuse and all. It brought back memories of the time Boom Boom Salacio was a Senior Fellow at the DI. The Putznagel Salami Fire? That was Boom Boom. We all miss the Big Guy at the DI. But here's the thing. The moment your review hit the stands, bang! sales of Meyer's book go through the roof. I mean you're taking Boom Boom to a whole new level.

So I was thinking that maybe you could give my book a negative review too? Make it a real scorcher and all. It's called The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. I mean, how long did it take to write the Meyer review? Five minutes, tops? Am I right?

If you don't want to read my book, no problem. Write the review without reading the book. Just use the Meyer review and cross out his name. I need to kind of boost sales what with all the excitement over Meyer's book. We're pretty competitive over here at the DI and also my tailor is starting to complain about his bill.

So I'm counting on you as a friend. If you won't do it as a friend, then do it for science. And if you won't do it as a friend and you won't do it for science, hey, what good are you?

Am I right?



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